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The first year of the CLASS program is designed to be a complete course in the principles of teacher leadership (leadership of peers). At the end of this year, participants may qualify for salary differentials or different professional roles in their schools.


The second year deepens participants’ understanding of how to improve educational outcomes at a school level, including the design and administration of school systems. At the end of this year, successful candidates will receive an advanced certificate from Hunter College and are qualified to take state exams for the New York State Building and District Leader Certification. Participants who do not continue into the second year may re-join the program within three years.

Do you expect to complete only the first year of the program or both years? (Your answer is for informational purposes and is in no way binding.)

Demographic Question: To which racial and ethnicity groups do you identify?  Your selection of a race/ethnicity will have no influence in the decision making process of your application submission. 

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